• News and Outreach Office

    The CPUC's News and Outreach Office assists customers with utility complaints and provides information and assistance to the media, local governments and community organizations, the public, and other stakeholders about the CPUC's many pioneering and innovative programs, policies, and proceedings. The office consists of:

    • News Office, which prepares news releases, consumer advisories, brochures and other informational pieces, edits reports, oversees a speakers bureau and Information Exchange Program for visitors from other nations, provides graphical services, conducts interviews with reporters and also arranges interviews with Commissioners, Directors, and staff experts. The office also oversees the CPUC's websites.
    • Public Advisor’s Office, which provides procedural information to individuals and groups who want to participate in formal proceedings, and oversees the TEAM and CHANGES programs.
    • Business and Community Outreach Office, which focuses on outreach to stakeholders, the Supplier Diversity Program, and the Small Business program.
    • Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB), which assists consumers of regulated gas, electric, water, and telecommunications utilities with billing and service matters. CAB answers questions, processes informal complaints, and helps resolve application denials (appeals) for the California LifeLine program participation.
    • Delegation Visits - The CPUC often hosts visiting delegations that are interested in learning about California's policies and regulations in the energy, telecommunication, water, and transportation industries. 


    Terrie Prosper
    Director, News & Outreach Office
    California Public Utilities Commission
    505 Van Ness Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Main Office Line: (415) 703-1366
    Main Office Email: news@cpuc.ca.gov  


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