Online Public Participation Survey

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is conducting an online survey in order to improve outreach to Californians. Please take a moment to participate in our survey so we can learn more about your preferred methods of communication. Thank you!


1) Please tell us whether you are:


If Other, please describe :  


 2) How do you find out about Public Participation Hearings or other CPUC events?


If Other, please describe :  


 3) When the CPUC holds a virtual ( accessible via phone or Internet only) meeting;

  • What day of the week works best for you to attend?

  • What time works best for you to attend?


 4) Do you read the notices about CPUC proceedings that are included in your utility bill (or electronic notices if you pay online)?


5) How would you prefer to provide comments on CPUC proceedings?



6) What are your preferred ways to hear about the CPUC’s proceedings?


If Other, please describe :

 7) What areas of CPUC regulation are you are interested in?


If Other, please describe :


 8) What would you like the CPUC to communicate about to you on social media?



 9) What information would you like the CPUC to provide to you on its website?




 If we need additional information can we contact you regarding your survey? If so, complete the following:

Name:     Email Address:


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