For Advice Letter (and Supplement) Filing

General Rules for filing Advice Letters are available in Commission General Order (G.O.) 96-B.

Advice Letters(AL) must be numbered in sequential order.  For questions regarding the next available AL number, send a request for information via email to and provide your company name and assigned PSG number.

The Advice Letter including all supporting documents must be submitted via e-mail to

The cut off time to be considered filed the same day as submitted is 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).


For step-by-step instructions for filing an advice letter, please see the following:

What are the documents requirements for filing Retroactive, Offset, or Exemption Requests through Advice Letters?

Past Advice Letter Templates

Protest and Response (G.O. 96-B§ 7.4)

  • Filing of Protest or Response or Reply to a Protest/Response:
  • Any party to R.19-02-012 may file a Protest or Response or Rely to a Protest/Response within 20 days of the date of filing of the advice letter.  Submit your written protest, response or reply via to addressed to the following:
    • Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division
      Transportation Licensing and Analysis Branch
      505 Van Ness Ave., 2nd Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94102-3298
  • The cut of time to be considered filed the same day as submitted is 5:00 PM PST.  Protest and responses submitted after 5:00 PM PST or on a non-business day will be considered filed the following business day.
  • Additional information regarding protests and responses are available in G.O. 96-B § 7.4.

Advice Letter Service List

Advice Letter Status

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