Important Dates

July 1 (annually starting 2022) - Selection of Access Providers

To be considered, please contact the Local Access Fund Administrator (LAFA) in the county/counties in which you are interested in serving as an Access ProviderFor more information and how to apply, see “Approved LAFAs” below.

October 15, January 15, April 15, July 15 (annually) - Quarterly Reports 

Access Providers must report certain data to their LAFA on a quarterly basis. Forms are provided in “Application/Instructions/Forms” below.

Program Overview 

The California Public Utilities Commission created the TNC Access for All Program to implement Senate Bill (SB) 1376 (Hill: 2018) which directed the Commission to establish a program relating to accessibility for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

In Decision (D.) 20-03-007, the Commission authorized "Local Access Fund Administrators" (LAFAs) to develop WAV programs locally, using Access Fund moneys collected by the Commission, and tasked the Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division to develop program rules for the selection of LAFAs, disbursement of funds, and compliance with data reporting.

For more information on the TNC Access proceeding, please visit the following link: R.19-02-012.

Eligible Access Provider Applicants

Per Decision D.21-03-005, Access Providers eligible to receive moneys from the Access Fund include entities that:

  • Directly provide, or contract with a separate organization or entity to provide, on-demand WAV transportation to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.
“On-demand WAV transportation” means that the provider can fulfill trip requests within 24 hours through a service that does not follow a fixed route or schedule.

Funding shall be prioritized to providers that can demonstrate an ability to deliver trips within the shortest response times (time between trip request and passenger pick-up time). However, if there are no applicants who can provide such on-demand service, the LAFA can accept applications from other providers so long as those providers’ services do not follow a fixed route or schedule. 

Pursuant to D.21-11-044, eligible Access Providers include transportation carriers that hold a Commission-issued permit prior to applying to be an Access Provider or a non-permitted transportation carrier if the carrier provides documentation that demonstrates the following:  

  1. Background checks: Carriers must perform background checks that meet or exceed what is required of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) under the TNC Application Form.
  2. Insurance: Carriers must have levels of insurance equivalent to or higher than what is required of charter-party carriers under General Order 115.
  3. Controlled substance and alcohol testing program.
  4. Secretary of State registration: Carriers must have their articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State.
  5. Motor Carrier Profile with California Highway Patrol (CHP): Carriers must complete the CHP 362 Carrier Profile and obtain a CA Number from the CHP.

Application Instructions & Reporting Templates

Interested Access Providers may submit applications and the required information to the LAFA in their county. Applications will be available from the LAFA. For a list of approved LAFAs, including contact information and a link to their website, please see “Approved LAFAs” below. For counties not listed below, interested Access Providers may still apply through the Statewide Access Fund Administrator. Information on the Statewide Access Fund Administrator will be forthcoming. Please check back at a later time. 

Reporting Templates:


Approved Local Access Fund Administrators (LAFAs)

Funding Year 2021-2022




Contra Costa Transportation Authority Contra Costa

John Hoang 

Fresno Council of Governments Fresno

Suzanne Martinez

Access for All - Fresno Council of Governments (
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Los Angeles

Adam Stephenson

Anne Flores

Access for All - LA Metro
San Diego Association of Governments San Diego

Benjamin Gembler

SANDAG :: PROJECTS :: San Diego's Regional Planning Agency
San Luis Obispo County of Governments San Luis Obispo

Sarah Woolsey

 Transportation Network Company Access for All Program | slocog

Santa Barbara County Associations of Governments Santa Barbara

Sarkes Khachek

Maya Kulkami

 TNC All Access - SBCAG
Solano Transportation Authority Solano

Ron Grassi

Transportation Agency for Monterey County Monterey

Alissa Guther

 Local Access for All Program - Transportation Agency for Monterey County (


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For questions about the Access for All program in your county, please contact your Local Access Fund Administrator. For questions about the statewide program, please contact

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