The CPUC conducts investigations of all natural gas transmission and distribution DOT-reportable incidents. An incident is deemed DOT-reportable if it meets any of the criteria defined in Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 191.3. Information regarding DOT-reportable incidents and the investigation reports can be found on this page beginning with incidents in 2020. For DOT-reportable incidents prior to 2020, information is available on the PHMSA website.

Incident Date Operator Facility Location Nature/Cause Incident Investigation Report
8/2/2020 SoCalGas Main Santa Monica Other Outside Force Damage G20200802-3092
8/1/2020 SoCalGas Service Riser, Customer Meter Cambria Other Outside Force Damage G20200801-3091
7/16/2020 SDG&E Main San Diego Excavation Damage G20200716-3084
5/20/2020 SoCalGas Main Los Angeles Excavation Damage G20200520-3057
5/14/2020 SoCalGas Transmission Wasco Excavation Damage G20200514-3051
5/8/2020 SoCalGas Main West Hollywood Excavation Damage G20200508-3045
5/5/2020 SoCalGas Main, Service Line Culter Other Outside Force Damage G20200507-3044
5/3/2020 SoCalGas Customer Meter, Service Riser Lancaster Other Outside Force Damage G20200503-3034
1/24/2020 SoCalGas Other Mira Loma Other Outside Force Damage G20200124-2995
1/21/2020 SoCalGas Valve Los Angeles All Other Causes G20200121-2989
1/17/2020 SoCalGas Other Exeter All Other Causes G20200117-2986
1/16/2020 SoCalGas Service Line Glendale All Other Causes G20200116-2984
1/14/2020 SoCalGas Main Los Angeles All Other Causes G20200114-2978