In 2011, the CPUC opened a rulemaking to examine what the CPUC can and should do to encourage the replacement of natural gas and/or electric master-meter/submeter systems within mobilehome parks and manufactured housing communities, located within the franchise areas of electric and/or natural gas corporations, with direct utility service. 

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March 4, 2013:

Joint Ruling of Assigned Commissioner and Administrative LawJudge

Workshop on prioritization/permitting issues for potential MHP conversions from master-meter to direct utility service Presentations:  

Public Meeting with Assigned Commissioner on Potential Alternative Financing Options 

Alternative Financing White Paper: PPD Trends in Utility Infrastructure Financing

November 2-3, 2011:  Workshop on Party Proposals 

June 14, 2011: Existing Standards and Safety Practices 

      Electric and Gas Tariff Rules Pertaining to the MHP Utility Upgrade Pilot Program

      The following electric and gas tariff rules pertaining to the MHP Utility Upgrade Pilot Program:

      • Bear Valley Electric Service – Rule 23
      • Liberty Utilities – Rule 23
      • Pacific Gas and Electric – Rule 28
      • Pacific Power – Rule 26
      • San Diego Gas and Electric – Rule 44
      • Southern California Edison – Rule 27
      • Southern California Gas – Rule 44
      • Southwest Gas – Rule 23