Workshops on Utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans

It is expected that one or more members of the California Wildfire Safety Advisory Board (WSAB) will be reviewing the Wildfire Mitigation Plans in executing its statutory authority and a quorum of the WSAB may attend or participate in the workshops, pursuant to Government Code Section 11122.5(c)(4). As an independent board, it is not subject to the Commission’s ex parte rules so communications may occur between the WSAB members, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) staff and stakeholders. Pursuant to the requirements of the Bagley-Keene Act, there will be no formal action of the WSAB during these informational workshops.


Workshops on 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plans

Technical Workshops - 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Updates

Informational Workshops

The Wildfire Safety Division (WSD) hosted a virtual workshop series on August 11 and 12, 2020 covering proposals for the 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) Guidelines and Tables, 2021 WMP Data Schemas, and the Safety Culture Assessment process.

Comments on the workshop presentations and proposals are posted here.


Workshops on 2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plans

Informational Workshops

Technical Workshops


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