Wildfire Safety Division

Caroline Thomas Jacobs, Director

The Wildfire Safety Division (WSD) is currently led by Director Caroline Thomas Jacobs.

The Wildfire Safety Division’s primary directive is to evaluate and approve or deny electrical corporations’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans in accordance with Public Utilities Code Section 8386 et. seq in order to ensure that the electrical utilities are taking effective actions to reduce utility-related wildfire risk. In addition, the Wildfire Safety Division will actively audit and evaluate IOU compliance with Wildfire Mitigation Plans, promptly addressing faults, including Public Safety Power Shutoff protocols, and is responsible for issuing safety certifications to the electrical corporations if they have satisfied several requirements. The Wildfire Safety Division receives and incorporates guidance from the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board.


Executive Compensation Programs

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code 8389, in order to receive safety certifications beyond initial certifications, electric corporations must submit to the Wildfire Safety Division a request for approval of their executive compensation programs to ensure programs adequately account for and incentivize safety.

Parties' comments regarding the proposed Executive Compensation Plans:


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