• Wildfire Safety Division


    Caroline Thomas Jacobs, Director

    The Wildfire Safety Division (WSD) is currently led by Director Caroline Thomas Jacobs.

    The primary purpose of the WSD is to ensure electrical utilities are taking effective actions to reduce utility-related wildfire risk. The WSD operates under several guiding principles, one of which is delivering near term results while promoting a long-term utility wildfire vision. To achieve the WSD’s mission, measures are being implemented to ensure an integrated, utility-related wildfire mitigation approach; amalgamate local perspectives into utility approaches to reflect community differences; support decision making with data and analytics; and, when possible, exercise innovative problem solving for developing new utility wildfire solutions. The WSD receives and incorporates guidance from the Wildfire Safety Advisory Board and is comprised of two branches: Wildfire Mitigation and Compliance.

    Refer to WSD's Strategic Roadmap for more information

    WSD's Mitigation Efforts

    On July 1, 2021 the Wildfire Safety Division will become the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety under the California Natural Resources Agency, per AB 111. Read about our planning for a seamless transition: WSD Transition to Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety. Further information and responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found here. Join us on June 17, 2021 at 1 p.m. for a public briefing on the transition.



    To advance long-term utility wildfire safety by developing data-driven, comprehensive utility wildfire mitigation evaluation and compliance criteria, collaborating with local, state and federal agencies, and supporting efforts to improve utility wildfire safety culture and innovation.



    A sustainable California, with no catastrophic utility-ignited wildfires, that has access to safe, affordable, and reliable electricity.



    Wildfire Mitigation Branch

    The WSD Wildfire Mitigation Branch comprehensively reviews electrical utilities’ Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMP) in accordance with Public Utilities Code Section 8386 et. seq. The Branch also develops wildfire safety policy and performance metrics, conducts safety culture assessments, and reviews and issues safety certificates. The Wildfire Mitigation Branch is committed to continuous improvement in utility-related wildfire mitigation approaches.

    Executive Compensation Programs

    Safety Certificates

    Safety Culture Assessments

    Wildfire Mitigation Plans


    Compliance Branch

    The WSD Compliance Branch ensures ongoing WMP compliance through field inspections, audits, and review of utility compliance and Independent Evaluator (IE) reports. When necessary, the Compliance Branch issues enforcement actions that are a result of defect findings. The Compliance Branch is also responsible for developing and maintaining the list of qualified IEs in coordination with the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE).

    Compliance Process  

    Independent Evaluator List


    Monthly Performance Reports





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