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CPUC Comments on Report on PG&E Customer Bills

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Today we offered the following comment on a report issued yesterday by Senator Jerry Hill regarding the recent bills of Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers:

There are many solid recommendations in Senator Hill's report. We will review the report closely to determine the best way to implement appropriate measures, such as adjusting the winter baseline. We thank Senator Hill for the report, as we all work toward ensuring utilities are educating and responding to their customers to help them understand their energy use and the changes in their billing, and the assistance programs that are available.

Necessary rate changes do not mean that bills have to increase. Customers are being given more and more tools to control their energy usage and manage their bills. The CPUC is committed to ensuring that the utilities educate customers on the available tools and the need to make sure vulnerable customers are not left behind.  CPUC staff has been reviewing factors surrounding the recent increase in gas bills and some of their recommendations mirror Senator Hill's report on how to reduce the likelihood of large spikes in the future and how to better educate utility customers on how they can manage their bills.  

CPUC staff will present at a future Voting Meeting on responses to current customer complaints, and programs and measures that can help lower bills.

For an overview of certain consumer programs, please see our brochure.

We also have fact sheets on assistance programs and level pay plans.

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