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CPUC Releases Second Step in Utility Data Dashboard Project: CPUC Information Alert

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today unveiled information on utility system efficiency metrics as part of its Utility Data Dashboard project, which offers consumers insight into utility performance.

System efficiency can be defined as the availability and capacity of generation, transmission, and distribution resources to reliably generate and deliver electricity to end users when needed while minimizing costs. The system efficiency report examines how generation resource heat rates, electricity losses, and equivalent forced outage rates of generation resources reflect the relative efficiency of electric generation and delivery in each California investor-owned utility territory. Within these regions, the report compares distribution load factors to measure how well electric infrastructure capacity is being utilized. 

The Utility Data Dashboard is available at www.cpuc.ca.gov/dashboard (please paste into browser if link does not open when clicked).

The system efficiency report released today is the second in a series of data sets that will be issued in the coming months as part of the CPUC's Utility Data Dashboard project. The first release was 2016 Residential Electric Usage and Bill Data by Climate Zone. Future data sets include: Customer Satisfaction; Customer Engagement; Safety; and Environmental Goals Performance.


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