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CPUC Ensures AT&T Clarifies Recent Residential Service Agreement Notice

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Included in AT&T customer bills in May was a notice of changes to AT&T's Residential Service Agreement.  In response to the many questions raised with the CPUC’s Consumer Affairs Branch by AT&T customers, the CPUC is directing the company to send a clarifying notification.

This clarifying message is being sent to assure that all customers are fully informed and aware that changes to the Residential Service Agreement do not impact their underlying telephone service.  The prices, service descriptions, and other terms and conditions of an AT&T customer’s telephone service will remain the same in California. 

 Future upgrades to AT&T’s network may require the company to install new equipment outside a customer’s home in order for telephone service to continue to work.  If AT&T upgrades its network in a customer’s area, the company will provide additional notice and make an appointment with the customer, if needed.  However, AT&T’s obligation to offer basic telephone service in California is not affected by any potential network upgrades. 

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