Note that Decisions, Resolutions, and Rulings signed/issued by the Commission and certain other documents starting July 2000 are now available online. Please see our "Guidelines For Access to PUC Records".

Visit the Document Search page to start a search (or to search for documents associated with an active proceeding, visit our proceedings search page.)

If you need other documents, such as documents issued before July 2000 or filings made by parties and utilities, please request them by submitting our online form (scroll down and click the button below).

Transcripts may be ordered from our court reporters unit. Their phone number is: (415) 703-2288, send an e-mail to, or download and fill out a transcript order form.

If you need further assistance, please E-mail to reach the Central Files Office. The Central Files Office is open to the public to review and copy files between 8:00 a.m. and noon Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Minimum Charge: $2.00

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  • Docket Sheets @ $.25 per page
  • Transcripts @ $4.65 per page
  • Certified Documents @ $1.00 per page
  • Additional shipping charge for Archived Documents @ $7.00 per box

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The CPUC also has a free online subscription service that allows access to documents published on our website.