How to Become a Party to a Proceeding

Introductory information

Rule 1.4 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure (RPP) provides the ways in which a person or organization can become a party to a CPUC proceeding. On this webpage, we break down the process of becoming a party for those interested in  participating formally in a proceeding.

The brochure, How to Become a Party to a Proceeding, provides a general overview of what it means to become a party to a CPUC proceeding. The information below provides specific instructions and resources for becoming a party.

Important information to know in order to become a party:

  • The proceeding number (e.g. A.12-11-009 or R.12-12-011).
  • Know what stage the proceeding is in. Is it just beginning or has it been going on for a while? Has a prehearing conference been held? To help make this determination, check the docket card of the proceeding.
  • Be familiar with the CPUC’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, which will help you understand the formal participation process and the responsibilities of being a party.

Please note, the information provided on this page and in the links below is not a complete list of all of the responsibilities required of interested persons/parties. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they are complying with all of the rules necessary when it comes to participating formally before the CPUC.   

To help you get started

The links below explain in detail the methods for becoming a party, creating formal documents including the certificate of service, and the process of filing and serving formal documents.

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