• Resiliency and Microgrids

    Microgrids Legislation

    SB 1339, a bill enacted in 2018, directs the California Public Utilities Commission, in consultation with the California Energy Commission and California Independent System Operator, to undertake a number of activities to further develop policies related to microgrids. The legislation added Chapter 4.5, Sections 8370-8372 to California's Public Utilities Code. Read the full bill and statutory language here.

    Microgrids Rulemaking

    The California Public Utilities Commission voted to initiate a new rulemaking to consider how to implement the requirements of SB 1339 at its September 12, 2019 public meeting. The "Order Instituting Rulemaking" (OIR) that formally launched the new proceeding was then officially issued on September 19, 2019. Read it here. The OIR includes a preliminary description of the issues the Commission intends to address in the rulemaking.

    Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma, the Assigned Commissioner for the rulemaking, released a Scoping Memo on December 20, 2019.  Read it here.

    Track 1 Calendar of Activities

    Below is the Track 1 schedule for the Microgrids Rulemaking. This schedule will be refined and adjusted over time.

    Proceeding Milestone Date
    ALJ Ruling/Staff Proposal, filed and served January 21, 2020
    Investor Owned Utility Proposals for Immediate Resiliency Strategies for Outages, filed and served January 21, 2020
    Comments on the Staff Proposal and Utility Proposal, filed and served January 30, 2020
    Reply comments on Staff Proposal and Utility Proposal, filed and served February 6, 2020

    Contact Information

    Forest Kaser, Supervisor

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