In June 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission hosted a 2-day forum to review and evaluate electric rate designs that could support the state's zero-emission vehicle goals.

The forum was intended to spur conversation on strategies to meet the goals established by Governor Jerry Brown's executive order B-48-18: having 5 million light-duty zero-emissions vehicles (battery electric and hydrogen electric) on the road by 2030, as well as enough fueling stations in the state to support those vehicles.

The CPUC ZEV Rate Design Forum identified the existing utility rates available for residential ZEV drivers, commercial fleets of ZEVs (light-duty and medium-/heavy-duty), and hydrogen fuel producers and suppliers, and discuss challenges and opportunities for to designing optimal rates to support ZEV adoption.




Key Concepts Underlying Electric Rate Design Bob Levin (CPUC) Senior Analyst, Retail Rates

Rate Design to Maximize Grid Benefits, Carl Linvill (Regulatory Assistance Project)

Overview of CPUC Transportation Electrification Activities  Carrie Sisto (CPUC), Energy Analyst, Electric Vehicles

Current San Diego Gas & Electric ZEV Rates Cynthia Fang, SDG&E

Current Sacramento Municipal Utility District ZEV Rates James Frasher, SMUD

Current Southern California Edison ZEV Rates Russ Garwacki, SCE

Addressing Grid Constraints Through Rate Design  Andrew Campbell, Energy Institute

Rate Design for DC Fast Charging Chris Nelder, Rocky Mountain Institute

Rate Structures Supporting Electrified Transit Michele Chait, E3

Issues and Principles for Meeting ZEV Charging Needs in MD/HD Vehicles Ryan Schuchard, CALSTART

State Actions to Support Hydrogen Production and Distribution Gia Brazil Vacin, GO-Biz

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel in California Bill Elrick, California Fuel Cell Partnership

H2 Panelist Slides on Costs of H2 Production (NREL, FirstElement, Stratos Fuel)

TURN ZEV Rates Analysis Eric Borden, TURN

Existing ZEV Rates for California Utilities

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Study: Clean vehicles as an enabler for a clean electricity grid

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