The CPUC values its commitment to provide excellent outreach and engagement to the Native American Tribes of California, per our Tribal Consultation Policy. We recognize and appreciate the sovereignty of our State’s Tribal governments and our goal is to work together with you to solve your community’s utility challenges.

CPUC Tribal Liaison, Stephanie Green, serves the CPUC through her support of Tribal outreach and engagement. Stephanie has been the CPUC Tribal Liaison since 2018. Hector Garcia is our Tribal Business and Community Organizer. Hector works with many of our State’s Tribal communities and individuals, bringing awareness to our customer assistance and incentive programs. We appreciate the opportunity to engage with you and we look forward to assisting with any questions you may have.

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Order issuing the creation of the Governor's Tribal Advisor

Created by Executive Order B-10-11 and codified through AB 880

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