In 2015, the CPUC undertook a strategic planning process to assess new developments in the industries it regulates, develop priorities for the agency and create an action plan that would align the CPUC's responsibilities and goals. Commissioners and staff were extensively involved in the development of the Strategic Directives (SDs) - a set of high-level goals to guide the CPUC's daily activities and responsibilities.

The Commission adopted the revised Strategic Directives, Governance Process Policies, and Commission-Staff Linkage Policies on February 27, 2020 which includes combining certain directives that had overlapping issues and revising language to better articulate specific goals and outcomes. The Commissioners monitor the agency's progress in meeting the expectations laid out in each directive through annual reports from staff. As the Strategic Directive is an iterative process, the Commission will continue to review and revise the directives as necessary. You can find background information as well as presentations on the SDs on the Commissioner Committee on Finance & Administration's webpage