CTF Participant Recertification

The CPUC requires all California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) participants to periodically recertify their eligibility. The CPUC aims to recertify community-based organizations every three years and all other participants every five years. However, participants are not required to recertify until they receive a Recertification Notice from the CTF program. 

Information for Participants

The recertification process begins when a participant receives a Recertification Notice from the CTF program. The CTF program sends Recertification Notices to participants via email and postal mail. To ensure receipt of this and other important notices, participants must submit up to date contact information to ctfhelp@cpuc.ca.gov if/when any changes occur. Upon receiving a Recertification Notice, participants must complete the recertification process to maintain their discounts. To complete the recertification process, participants must submit a new, up to date application (with updated forms, information, and documents). Refer to the CTF Applicant & Participant Guidebook for the program's application forms and current eligibility criteria.

Information for Service Providers

The CTF program will notify service providers of all recertification efforts, including which participants are required to recertify, schedules, and results. To ensure CTF program compliance and avoid interruption of discounts, carriers are encouraged to work with their customers to meet recertification deadlines.

Eligible participants will receive a new CTF-ID and continue to receive the CTF discount. Ineligible participants will not receive a CTF-ID, the program will revoke the participant's former Application Number, and carriers must discontinue the participant's CTF discounts. Carriers must also continue to verify a participants eligibility via the entity eligibility status lists prior to applying the CTF discount to eligible charges.