The Digital Divide Grant Program will provide four grants of up to $250,000 each to non-profit community-based organizations (CBO) to deploy projects to combat the digital divide (e.g., service connections, equipment, training, etc). The CBO will work with a partner public school or district to deploy the project, with the public school or district being the beneficiary of the project. Included herein are eligibility criteria and administrative processes for the Digital Divide Grant Program, including for applications, awarding of grants, and requirements for funded projects.


Public Utilities Code Section 280.5 established the Digital Divide Grant Program and requires the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC or Commission) to provide grants from the program for the purpose of funding community technology programs for eligible public schools. The Digital Divide Grant Program is funded by fees collected from lease of certain state-owned property to wireless telecommunications service providers for location of wireless telecommunications facilities, pursuant to Section 14666.8 of the Government Code.

In Decision 21-10-020, issued October 25, 2021, the Commission adopted eligibility requirements for the Digital Divide Grant Program and delegated to Communications Division staff the authority to approve grants.