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Penalty Consideration Case Against Rasier (Uber) Opened For Violations of Zero Tolerance Rules

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We have opened a penalty consideration case against Rasier-CA, providing Transportation Network Company (TNC) services as Uber, for repeated violations of our safety requirements by failure to comply with zero tolerance intoxicating substance policy rules.

Our Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division alleges that the company failed to either suspend promptly and/or investigate drivers after zero-tolerance complaints had been filed between August 12, 2014 and August 31, 2015. The Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division recommends a penalty of $1,132,500. 

The penalty consideration case, opened April 6, 2017, will determine whether Rasier committed 151 violations of zero tolerance rules, and if so, what the penalty should be. During the penalty consideration case, an Administrative Law Judge will be assigned to the case and will hear testimony from parties. Based on the record that will be developed, the Administrative Law Judge will prepare a recommendation for consideration by the CPUC’s Commissioners.

 You can subscribe to documents related to the proceeding using proceeding number I.17-04-009.


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