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Staff Issues Report on Outreach Methods

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Today we issued a report from our News and Outreach Office that details the responses that 42 different regulatory agencies throughout the U.S. shared with us about their outreach activities.

The research demonstrated that the CPUC is well within norms of other institutions in terms of outreach activities, but there are additional outreach methods that the CPUC could implement to improve its program. The report includes recommendations for future improvement.

The report complies with Senate Bill 512 (Hill, 2016), which directed the CPUC to: "…undertake one or more studies of outreach efforts undertaken by other state and federal utility regulatory bodies and to make recommendations to the commission to promote effective outreach, including metrics for use in evaluating success."

You can read the report on our website.

If you have any questions or comments, please email news@cpuc.ca.gov.

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