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CPUC Makes Utility Reporting of Self-Identified Potential Violations Mandatory

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Today we modified our natural gas and electric safety Citation programs to make utility reporting of some self-identified potential violations mandatory.

Our decision today grants in part a Petition for Modification of a prior CPUC Decision (D.16-09-055) to further enhance our gas and electric safety enforcement Citation programs. Utilities must now provide a report by the 15th of each month for all self-identified potential violations that pose a significant safety threat to the public, utility staff, contractors, or subcontractors. Under the rules, our Safety and Enforcement Division has the discretion to define and refine the reporting process. The utilities can be penalized for violations of the reporting requirements.

We encourage utilities to consult with our Safety and Enforcement Division staff regarding a potential violation as soon as possible. The utilities must make a report immediately, outside the monthly reporting process, if there is an event that may warrant more immediate staff attention.

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