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CPUC Approves Grant to Construct and Extend Broadband Infrastructure Project in Riverside County

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Today we approved grant funding to construct and extend a broadband infrastructure project that will provide broadband Internet service to unserved and underserved areas in Riverside County.

At our Voting Meeting, the Commissioners authorized grants from the California Advanced Service Fund (CASF) to Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AEC) for the second phase of a broadband infrastructure project.

We allocated $1,796,070 from the CASF to AEC to construct Phase 2 of the Connect Anza Project to extend a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) system into the unincorporated communities of Alpine Village, Pinyon Crest, Pinyon Pines, and Ribbonwood (the Pinyon area) and into the Santa Rosa Reservation in western Riverside County east of Anza Valley.

As part of the Phase 2 project, AEC will extend the recently completed FTTP system and service by deploying fiber optic cable on existing poles and rights-of-way to more than 400 households spread over 69 square miles in the areas of Pinyon and the Santa Rosa Reservation, at a cost of $4,349 per household in CASF subsidies. The project offers broadband Internet service speeds of 50 Mbps, and will also provide substantial safety and health benefits including, but not limited to, resilient high-capacity broadband infrastructure that will project access to emergency services and information, e-health services, and voice service that will meet all safety standards, including E911. The grant represents 70 percent of total project costs.

CASF promotes deployment of high-quality advanced communication services to Californians. Most program funds are for infrastructure deployment. Some funds are for broadband adoption, awareness, training, and access.

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