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CPUC Issues Staff Report on Wireline Phone Service Quality for 2014-2016

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In our continual efforts to assure access to safe and reliable utility service, we have issued a staff report that analyzes telecommunication carrier service quality measurements and reporting standards.

The staff report, titled, California Wireline Telephone Service Quality Pursuant to General Orders 133-C and 133-D Calendar Years 2014 through 2016, analyzes quarterly service quality data reported by California telephone service providers for 2014 through 2016 and establishes a baseline for the revised service quality measurements going forward in light of General Order 133-D fines.  Staff from the CPUC's Communications Division examined five measures for meeting minimum response times by carriers for their installation commitments, customer trouble reporting, out of service repairs, and answer times by customer call center representatives.

CPUC staff concluded that all carriers met three of the requirements; however, most consistently failed to meet the Out of Service Repair Interval 90% minimum.  Recommendations to improve reporting data and remediate carriers' performance include revising the General Order's corrective action plans and considering a Rulemaking in relation to the results of the network examination of AT&T California and Frontier California ordered in CPUC Decision 13-02-023.

Future evaluation of post-2016 data should indicate the effectiveness of General Order 133-D revisions with the CPUC's goal to improve carrier service quality performance that ensures safe and reliable services for all residential, business, and public safety customers. 

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