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CPUC Issues $50,000 Citation to Alpine Natural Gas for Violations

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We have issued a $50,000 citation to Alpine Natural Gas (ANG) for violation of leak survey interval requirements. 

During a scheduled inspection in 2017, our Safety and Enforcement Division (SED) reviewed leak survey records and found 88 instances where plat maps in ANG's residential areas were surveyed at intervals greater than required by state and federal code.

The Citation is available at: www.cpuc.ca.gov/General.aspx?id=2494.

ANG has 30 calendar days from Nov. 2, 2018, to pay or file an appeal.

The CPUC requires the immediate correction of any unsafe condition. SED has staff-level authority to issue Citations to natural gas companies for violation of CPUC or federal gas safety codes and regulations.

Safety violations are identified through SED's ongoing audits, inspections, and investigations; by the utilities themselves through mandatory disclosure requirements; or through the CPUC's whistleblower program for anonymous and protected reporting of violations. Whistleblowers can call 1-800-649-7570 or email safetyhotline@cpuc.ca.gov.

The CPUC also has an online whistleblower reporting form at https://ia.cpuc.ca.gov/whblow/ where complaints can be submitted anonymously.

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