Date 04/02/2024
Time 09:00 AM
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EPIC Policy + Innovation Coordination Group
Uniform Impact Analysis Framework and Metrics Workshop
April 2, 2024, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

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About the EPIC Program. The Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) supports the development of new, emerging, and pre-commercial clean energy innovations in California. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires that EPIC portfolios be designed to ensure ratepayer benefits in the form of equitable access to safe, affordable, reliable, and environmentally sustainable energy for electricity ratepayers. This program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the CPUC. EPIC funds are currently administered by the California Energy Commission (CEC), which administers 80% of EPIC funds and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), which together administer the remaining 20% of EPIC funds.

In its most recent EPIC Decision (D.)24-03-007, the CPUC approved five (5) Strategic Goals for the EPIC Program. The approved Strategic Goals are Transportation Electrification, Distributed Energy Resource Integration, Building Decarbonization, Achieving 100 Percent Net-Zero Carbon Emissions and the Coordinated Role of Gas, and Climate Adaptation. These are clear and measurable goals for developing  EPIC portfolios to be used in program evaluations to measure impacts of EPIC investments in supporting achievement of California’s 2045 climate, energy, and equity targets. The next steps authorized by the decision include several workshops to develop Strategic Objectives and a Uniform Impact Analysis Framework and Metrics.

The Uniform Impact Analysis Framework is a set of metrics, assumptions, and methodologies designed to measure the progress of EPIC program investments toward meeting EPIC Strategic Goals and Strategic Objectives. D.23-04-042 requires all EPIC Administrators to use the same impact analysis framework and establish metrics to inform improved EPIC program evaluation and oversight, as well as greater transparency to inform ratepayer benefits. The decision requires EPIC administrators to:

  • Demonstrate only impacts that should be attributed to EPIC,
  • Use comparable scenarios to estimate when the market would have produced an innovation had EPIC funding not been available, and
  • Use or adapt existing accepted methodologies where possible for efficiencies of resources, time, cost, and effort.

Purpose of the Workshop

The Strategic Objectives Uniform Impact Analysis Framework and Metrics Kick-Off Workshop aims to equip stakeholders with essential knowledge for subsequent technical working group participation by outlining: (1) the framework of Foundational Principles for EPIC impact analysis adopted in D.23-04-042, (2) EPIC administrator perspectives and (3) perspectives from impact analysis experts, including on equity.

The guiding framework for the Strategic Objectives and Uniform Impact Analysis Framework and Metrics Technical Working Group process is the four core elements developed in the 2023 Strategic Goals Workshop process:

  • Pathways: Set of critical actions necessary to support meeting the State’s 2045 zero carbon goals via the most effective strategies and technology innovation.
  • Gaps: Key challenges for achieving zero carbon goals and how RD&D should be prioritized to address opportunities and barriers more quickly along critical pathways.
  • Roles: The best-positioned stakeholders (ratepayers, state, federal, private sector) to lead innovation investment addressing identified gaps, including through coordination and collaboration.
  • Outcomes: Clear, measurable, and reasonable targets to be used by administrators in developing EPIC portfolios and used in program evaluations to measure impacts of EPIC in supporting achievement of California’s 2045 zero carbon goals.


The Accelerate Group will facilitate the Workshop under the guidance of CPUC’s Energy Division.

There will be a live transcription of the event in both English and Spanish.

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