Date 07/07/2022
Time 10:00 AM
Location Remote access via Webex or phone
Call-in-Number 1-855-282-6330
Participant PASSCODE 2482 667 5651
Contact Rosanne Ratkiewich, (415) 703-2845,

Microgrids Proceeding – Track 5 Value of Resiliency - WebEx Meeting 
Subject: Economic and Equity Impacts of Large Disruptions – Social Burden Index
July 7, 2022 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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Rosanne Ratkiewich, (415) 703-2845,

This workshop will be held via WebEx. All workshop participants will be muted during the introduction and speaker presentations. During the discussion, participants may use either the “raise your hand” WebEx button online or the Chat window to comment/ask questions. Call-in users may dial *3 to raise their hand. Questions/comments will be addressed in the order received.

Although a quorum of Commissioners, their advisors or other decision-makers may be present, no action will be taken at this event.

Rulemaking 19-09-009 facilitates the commercialization and deployment of microgrids while prioritizing system, public, and worker safety and avoiding shifting costs between ratepayers. On September 12, 2019, the Commission initiated this Rulemaking to design a framework surrounding the commercialization of microgrids associated with Senate Bill (SB) 1339 (Stern, 2018), as well as to account for the Commission’s commitment toward utilizing additional technologies, tools and activities that may be useful for achieving overall resiliency goals.

As part of the development of Track 5 issues focusing on the value of resiliency, the CPUC is holding workshops to explore topics previously identified in the Resiliency and Microgrids Working Group meetings as those that need more in-depth discussion and consideration.  The topics may be subject to change and reprioritized as the discussions evolve over the course of the series of workshops.

Purpose of the Meeting:
This is the second workshop in Track 5 of the Microgrids proceeding R.19-09-009 focusing on “Economic and Equity Impacts of Large Disruptions”.  We will have a presentation on the Resilience Node Cluster Analysis Tool (ReNCAT) which among other things provides a social burden index as an indicator of how hard people are working to get their basic needs met during an electric power outage. While we had a presentation on this tool during the Resiliency and Microgrids Working Group meeting series on value of resiliency, the intention of this workshop is to review how it works, what kind of applications and output is available through the use of the tool and to hold a more in-depth conversation about social burden as a metric of resilience. We are looking to use this workshop to deepen stakeholder’s education, knowledge, and inquiry.