2019 Annual Affordability Report

Hours and Minimum Wage (HM) Interactive Map

Graphic showing the hours at Minimum Wage

Hours at Minimum Wage (HM) describes the impact an essential service bills in terms of worked hours required to pay for them. It provides a clear illustration of the impact on daily lives of ratepayers who are earning minimum wages.

Interactive Map Navigation Instructions

Move your cursor to the top left corner of the map to make the command bar visible. The commands to search, zoom, and reset to the default view are shown. By clicking the arrow at the bottom of the command menu, you can show options to pan across the map or select a certain area. Hovering your cursor over an area will show the geographic information and metric scores associated with each area. The tabs at the top of the map allow you to select the different industries. Each industry is mapped to a different geography as described in the 2019 Annual Affordability Report.

Several of the industries also have the ability to toggle between Commission-regulated and non-regulated providers. By default, only Commission-regulated providers are shown.

The map’s scale ranges from 0 to 20 hours at minimum wage and is kept constant across all industries.