2019 Annual Affordability Report

Socioeconomic Vulnerability Index (SEVI) Interactive Map

Graphic showing the  Socioeconomic Vulnerability Index

The Vulnerability Index (SEVI) describes the relative socioeconomic characteristics of communities in terms of poverty, unemployment, educational attainment, linguistic isolation, and percent of income spent on housing. The SEVI quantifies how the same rate impact may affect one community's ability to pay more than another's.

Interactive Map Navigation Instructions

Move your cursor to the top left corner of the map to make the command bar visible. The commands to search, zoom, and reset to the default view are shown. By clicking the arrow at the bottom of the command menu, you can show options to pan across the map or select a certain area. Hovering your cursor over an area will show the geographic information and metric scores associated with each area. The tabs at the top of the map allow you to select the different industries. Each industry is mapped to a different geography as described in the 2019 Annual Affordability Report.

The check boxes on the right allow you to narrow the results to those census tracts in the top 10% and 20% of SEVI scores.