The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) hired Navigant Consulting, Inc., (Navigant) to perform in-depth examinations of the design, delivery, operations, and impact of the two California Solar Initiative (CSI) low-income programs.  The CPUC established the low-income solar programs with D.07-11-045, the Single Family Affordable Solar Homes Program, the "SASH" decision, and D.08-10-036, the Mulitfamily Affordable Solar Housing program, the "MASH" decision in response to Assembly Bill 2723.  In D.06-08-058, the CPUC instituted periodic evaluations, biennial reviews for the SASH and MASH programs through the duration of the CSI Program.  In early 2011, Navigant issued two reports, the CSI SASH and MASH Program Administrator Performance Assessment Report and the CSI SASH and MASH Market Assessment Report.  Navigant issued the CSI SASH Biennial Report and CSI Mash Biennial Report in June and the CSI SASH & MASH Impact and Cost Benefit Report in August 2011.

The Program Administrator Performance Assessment Report provides a review of the implementation, structure and operations of the programs and recommends modifications to both programs based on the research findings.  The report includes a review of some of the following areas for the SASH and MASH programs:

  • Program Challenges and Successes
  • Project Funding
  • Incentive Structure

The Market Assessment Report identifies opportunities to improve the SASH and MASH programs and includes a review of the following areas:

  • Market Channels
  • Market Drivers
  • Program Spillover
  • Sustainability

The SASH and MASH biennial reports highlight key accomplishments and findings from the programs during 2009-2010.

The SASH and MASH Program Impacts and Cost-Benefit Report summarizes findings of the impacts and cost-benefit analyses for the programs. 

The full reports can be downloaded here: