Decision (D.)21-06-026 authorized the CPUC to publish a list of solar providers whose interconnection applications have not complied with certain state laws or regulatory agency rules and regulations. A detailed list of these statutes and regulations is found in Section 4 of D.21-06-026. For purposes of this list, a “solar provider” is a person or entity who contracts with a customer of an investor-owned utility to install, finance, or otherwise procure a solar system through California’s program(s) for renewable energy customer-generators, currently net energy metering (NEM).

The CPUC updates this list quarterly.

Interconnection applications from solar providers on the Watch List are subject to enhanced reviews and audits by electric utility and state agency staff.

Modifications to the Watch List process

In November 2023, the Commission adopted Decision (D.)23-11-068, which revises several processes related to the Watch List. Energy Division staff is currently implementing these revisions and will publish the modified Watch List on this webpage according to the requirements of D.23-11-068.

The Commission is requesting informal feedback on a draft of the Commission Compliance Checklist available at the following link: Compliance Checklist Draft.  Once finalized, the Commission Compliance Checklist will be used by Energy Division and Utilities to determine an interconnection application's compliance status and adherence to consumer protection regulations.

Please send redline edits or comments to by Friday, April 26, 2024.

For questions regarding the Public Watch List of Non-Compliant Solar Providers, please contact the Energy Division's Customer Generation team.

Last Updated: April 22, 2024.