Affiliate Transaction Independent Audit Reports  

CPUC staff is currently reviewing the audit reports and planning next steps to address the findings.  Utilities' responses to audits are available by request, please contact the Electric Market Structure and Design, here.

Affiliate Decisions and Rulings  

  • D0612029 - Latest revisions to Affiliate Transaction Rules (Clean version) -- PDF 
  • R.05-10-030: Oct. 27, 2005, PUC Opens Proceeding Concerning Relationship Between California Energy Utilities And Their Holding Companies And Non-Regulated Affiliates.  
  • D0201037 Denies Holding Companies' (PGE, Edison and Sempra) request to dismiss PUC investigation.
  • D0201039 provides an initial interpretation of the "first priority" condition incorporated into decisions.
  • D9904069 - Grants Edison and other utilities a limited exemption from the disclaimer  requirement of Rule V.F.1 of the Affiliate Transaction Rules.  - PDF
  • D9812075 - Adopts enforcement of Affiliate Transaction Rules. 
  • D9808035  Modifies some of the Affiliate Transaction Rules of decision 97-12-088.   
    • Appendix A -- Affiliate Transaction Rules (with markup) -- PDF
    • Appendix B -- Affiliate Transaction Rules -- PDF  
  • D9712088  Adopts rules governing relationships between utilities and their affiliates.  
    • Appendix A, Affiliate Transaction Rules -- Word
  • R9704011  Rulemaking to establish standards of conduct governing relationships between California's natural gas local distribution companies and electric utilities and their affiliated, unregulated entities providing energy and energy-related services. 

        For Information on Affiliate Rules and Affiliate Transaction Issues, please contact the Electric Market Structure and Design, here.