Direct Access (DA), where customers purchase electricity from an ESP instead of regulated electric utilities, was suspended on September 20, 2001, by Commission Decision (D.) 01-09-060. Senate Bill 695 as implemented by D.10-03-022 allows nonresidential customers to take DA service up to a capped amount, the historical maximum level of DA in each utility territory. Signing up for DA service involves a 6-month notice to your utility. The form to use to provide this notice is available on your utility's web page.

  • The Electric Service Providers (ESPs) on this list are registered with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Public Utilities Code Section 394 defines an Electric Service Provider (ESP) as a non-utility entity that offers electric service to customers within the service territory of an electric utility. Subparagraph (b) requires each ESP to register with the CPUC and sets forth the registration requirements. The CPUC implemented the framework for ESP registration, specifically applying these requirements to ESPs serving residential and small commercial customers (maximum peak demand less than 20 kilowatts) in Decision no. D.99-05-034 and D.98-03-072. In D.03-12-015, the CPUC extended these requirements to ESPs not previously required to register, as applicable.  Registered ESPs are also required to provide their residential and small commercial customers with a Notice of Terms and Conditions. This is known as a Section 394.5 Notice (P.U. Code section 394.5). You can view a sample notice by clicking on the link. 
  • List of Registered Electric Service Providers (ESPs), provided pursuant to California Public Utilities Code Section 392.1(a), and PUC Decisions (D).98-03-072 and 03-12-015.
  • ESP Reminders for registered ESPs
  • How to Register as an ESP
  • Glossary of Terms

For complaints about ESPs serving residential or small commercial customers, contact the Commission's Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB) at 1-800-649-7570.

Please send your updated contact information to CPUC's Energy Division by filling out theRegulatory Contact Info Update Request Form.

Electric Service Provider (ESP) - List and Registration Information