Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA) proceedings are used to determine fuel and purchased power costs which can be recovered in rates.  The utilities do not earn a rate of return on these costs, and only recover actual costs.  The costs are forecast for the year ahead.  If the actual costs are lower than forecast, then the utility gives money back, and vice versa.

The ERRA regulatory process includes two proceedings:

  1. An annual ERRA Forecast proceeding to adopt a forecast of the utility’s electric procurement cost revenue requirement and electricity sales for the coming year.
  2. An annual ERRA Compliance proceeding to review the utility’s compliance in the preceding year regarding energy resource contract administration, least-cost dispatch, fuel procurement, and the ERRA balancing account,

The Commission has also established an ERRA “Trigger” mechanism which allows for the utility to file an expedited application requesting an adjustment to rates, if the ERRA balance reaches 4% in excess of prior year’s annual fuel and power purchase costs.  On April 1st of every year the utilities file a Trigger advice letter (AL) with the Commission specifying their coming year trigger/threshold amount.  Then the IOUs file an application for expedited Commission approval when the ERRA balance reaches the trigger/threshold amount previously calculated in the Trigger AL.

The amount of money under review in ERRA proceedings is large. Typical amounts for PG&E and SCE are very roughly $4 billion, while for SDG&E they are roughly $1.3 billion.

The tables below provide links to current and historical ERRA proceedings categorized by proceeding type.

 ERRA Forecast Applications

Utility Record Year Application Docket Decision
 PG&E  2022  A.21.-06-001 Docket  
 PG&E 2021   A.20-07-002 Docket D.20-12-038
 PG&E 2020 A.19-06-001  Docket D.20-02-047
 PG&E 2019   A.18-06-001 Docket D.19-02-023 
PG&E 2018 A.17-06-005 Docket D.18-01-009
PG&E 2017 A.16-06-003 Docket D.16-12-038
PG&E 2016 A.15-06-001 Docket D.15-12-022
PG&E 2015 A.14-05-024 Docket D.14-12-023
PG&E 2014 A.13-05-015 Docket D.13-12-043
PG&E 2013 A.12-06-002 Docket D.12-12-008
SCE 2022  A.21-06-003  Docket   
SCE 2021  A.20-07-004  Docket D.20-12-035 
SCE 2020  A.19-06-002  Docket D.20-01-022 
SCE  2019  A.18-05-003 Docket  D.19-02-024 
SCE 2018 A.17-05-006 Docket D.17-12-008
SCE  2017 A.16-05-001 Docket D.16-12-054
SCE  2016 A.15-05-077 Docket D.15-12-033
SCE  2015 A.14-06-011 Docket D.15-10-037
SCE  2014 A.13-08-004 Docket D.14-05-003
SCE  2013 A.12-08-001 Docket D.13-10-052
 SDG&E 2022  A.21-04-010  Docket 
SDG&E 2021  A.20-04-014  Docket  D.21-01-017
SDG&E  2020  A.19-04-010  Docket  D.20-01-005 
SDG&E 2019 A.18-04-004  Docket  D.18-12-016
SDG&E 2018 A.17-04-016 Docket D.17-12-014
SDG&E 2017 A.16-04-018 Docket D.16-12-053
SDG&E 2016 A.15-04-014 Docket D.15-12-032
SDG&E 2015 A.14-04-015 Docket D.15-01-004
SDG&E 2014 A.13-09-017 Docket D.14-05-022
SDG&E 2013 A.12-10-002 Docket D.13-10-053

 ERRA Compliance Applications

Utility Record Year Application Docket Decision
PG&E  2020   A.21-03-008 Docket             -
PG&E  2019  A.20-02-009 Docket  D.21-07-013 
PG&E  2018 A.19-02-018  Docket D.20-02-006 
PG&E  2017  A.18-02-015  Docket D.19-02-005 
PG&E 2016 A.17-02-005 Docket D.18-05-004
PG&E 2015 A.16-02-019 Docket D.17-03-021
PG&E 2014 A.15-02-023 Docket D.16-12-045
PG&E 2013 A.14-02-008 Docket D.16-02-025
PG&E 2012 A.13-02-023 Docket D.16-04-006 
SCE  2020   A.21-04-001 Docket           -
 SCE 2019 A.20-04-002  Docket  D.21-07-015 
SCE 2018  A.19-04-001  Docket  D.20-05-004 
SCE  2017  A.18-03-016  Docket D.19-10-039 
SCE  2016 A.17-04-004 Docket D.18-10-031
SCE  2015 A.16-04-001 Docket D.18-08-007/D.19-03-016
SCE  2014 A.15-04-002 Docket D.16-10-028
SCE  2013 A.14-04-006 Docket D.15-11-011
SCE  2012 A.13-04-001 Docket D.14-05-023
SDG&E 2020  A.21-06-004  Docket             -
SDG&E  2019  A.20-06-001  Docket  D.21-07-018
SDG&E  2018   A.19-05-007 Docket  D.20-12-036 
 SDG&E  2017 A.18-06-002  Docket  D.19-06-009 
SDG&E 2016 A.17-06-006 Docket D.18-10-006
SDG&E 2015 A.16-06-002 Docket D.17-03-016
SDG&E 2014 A.15-06-002 Docket D.16-05-003
SDG&E 2013 A.14-05-026 Docket D.15-06-046
SDG&E 2012 A.13-05-016 Docket D.15-05-015

 ERRA Trigger Applications

Utility  Trigger Type Record Year Application Docket Decision
PG&E  PCIA  2020   A.20-09-014 Docket  D.20-12-038 
PG&E  ERRA 2020  A.20-07-022  Docket  D.20-11-029 
PG&E ERRA  2014 A.14-08-023 Docket D.14-12-053
PG&E  ERRA 2009 A.09-08-005 Docket D.09-10-021
PG&E ERRA  2008 A.08-06-010 Docket D.08-08-011
PG&E ERRA  2008 A.08-01-014 Docket D.08-09-003
SCE  PCIA  2020 A.20-10-007  Docket  D.20-12-035
 SCE ERRA  2020  A.20-08-024  Docket  D.20-11-028 
 SCE ERRA  2018   A.18-11-009 Docket  D.19-01-045 
SCE  ERRA  2013 A.13-08-022 Docket D.14-02-023
SCE  ERRA  2008 A.08-12-022 Docket D.09-03-005
SCE  ERRA 2006 A.06-09-001 Docket D.06-11-014
 SDE&E  ERRA  2021 A.21-05-006  Docket   -
SDG&E   PCIA  2020 A.20-07-009  Docket  D.20-12-028 
SDG&E   ERRA   2020 A.20-12-007  Docket  D.21-02-014 
SDG&E  ERRA   2019  A.19-12-001 Docket  D.20-02-057 
SDG&E  ERRA 2017 A.17-05-012 Docket D.17-08-006 
SDG&E ERRA  2013 A.13-04-017 Docket D.14-02-022
SDG&E ERRA  2012 A.12-10-017 Docket D.12-12-022
SDG&E ERRA  2012 A.12-04-003 Docket D.12-08-007
SDG&E ERRA  2010 A.10-04-033 Docket D.10-08-020
SDG&E ERRA  2009 A.09-08-002 Docket D.09-09-042
SDG&E ERRA  2007 A.07-10-007 Docket D.07-12-042
SDG&E ERRA  2007 A.07-02-018 Docket D.07-05-008

The Small Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities do not have ERRA proceeding. Instead they have Energy Cost Adjustment Clause (ECAC) or Power Purchase Adjustment Clause (PPAC) costs approval requests as a part of their rate case proceedings. For more information see decisions and applications on the following GRC webpages - Bear Valley Electric Services (a subsidiary of the Golden State Water Company), Liberty (CalPeco) and PacifiCorp.

Note:  ERRA was established Pursuant to California Public Utilities Code Section 454.5(d), Rules 2.1 and 3.2 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure of the California Public Utilities Commission (“Commission”), and Commission Decision (“D.”) 02-10-062.