Revised Advice Letter Process Effective March 2020

Effective March 2020, the Energy Division Tariff Unit (EDTU) introduced a new streamlined Advice Letter process that is more efficient and environmentally friendly.  Resolution E-5174. The major changes are the following:

  1. Entities shall file Advice Letters (and all related documents) electronically via e-mail only to  We no longer accept hard copy Advice Letter submissions.
  2. Upload the document to our CPUC Advice Letter database(Login id: public password:public)


Requirements for a NEW Advice Letter

  1. Advice Letter - Rules for filing Advice Letters are available in General Order (G.O.) 96-B. For an example of an Advice Letter from PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas and SDG&E, view these by searching the CPUC Advice Letter database(Login id: public password: public). Advice Letters must be in searchable PDF format.
  2. Advice Letter Summary Form - Complete the AL summary form. Failure to submit a complete AL Summary Form may result in the EDTU rejecting the AL filing.
    •  An entity’s AL filing must be numbered sequentially, beginning with number 1 for the first AL filed. The entity may send an email to ‘’ to verify or request information about the next available number to be used in the AL filing.
    • The CPUC Utility Reference Number (will be assigned to you by CPUC Energy Division Tariff Unit, if are a new utility) to the Advice Letter.
    • Specify the Advice Letter Tier - refer to G.O. 96-B if you need help determining the tier.
    •  The required fields on this form are: Company name/CPUC Utility No., Utility Type, Contact Person, Advice Letter (AL) #, Tier Designation, Keywords, Requested Effective Date and No. of tariff sheets. Other fields are required if it is applicable to your Advice Letter.
  3. Service List - All AL filings (including supplements) must be served on the appropriate service list. To be added to a service list or to be removed, please email the CPUC Process Office at ''.

Requirements for an EXISTING Advice Letter

  1. Send documents associated with the existing Advice Letter electronically via email to and reference the existing Advice Letter Number. Relevant documents can include supplements, substitute sheets, protests, replies to protests, comments, comments on resolutions, workpapers and all Advice Letter related documents sent to the service
    • If filing a supplement, use the same AL number of the original filing and affix the letter "A", "B", 'C' and so on after the number.  For example, if the AL is sequentially on AL 5-E, it will be AL 5-E-A [for the first supplement] or AL 5-E-B [for the second supplement, and so on].
  2. For PG&E, SCE, SoCAlGas and SDG&E, upload the documents to our CPUC Advice Letter database, and be sure to reference the CPUC Utility Reference Number.
  3. Service List

Advice Letter by Category

If your Advice Letter is related to any of the following topics, lease click on the links below for more information as related:

Disadvantaged Communities

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check the status of an Advice Letter?

    2. How do I send confidential Advice Letters and related documents?

    • Confidential documents must be sent via the (through the CPUC Kiteworks website. Entities will need to create an account to gain access to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Please use this Quick Start Guide.

      3. When submitting supplements, do I need to indicate if the supplement is replacing the original or the previously submitted supplement and original, or is supplementing the original and previously submitted supplement?

      • Yes! When submitting a supplement, please indicate whether it is replacing or supplementing. In other words, please be as clear as you can when submitting your supplement by telling us exactly what it is supplementing and/or replacing. 

      Please remember that the supplement (and all Advice Letter material) needs to be submitted to the same service list(s) as the original Advice Letter.

      Additional Utility Tariff and Advice Letter Information

      Read the latest information on Utility Advice Letter Dispositions, Suspensions, Protests, and Withdrawals.

      Advice Letters

      Regulatory Information on Utility Websites

      Visit the Regulatory pages for PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, SoCalGas and SWGas to learn more about Newly filed Advice Letters, Advice Letter statuses, and Utility Tariffs.

      Please send your updated contact information to CPUC's Energy Division by filling out the Regulatory Contact Info Update Request Form.

      To be added to a service list or to be removed, please email the CPUC Process Office at ''.

      Requirements for a NEW Business Letter (BL)

      On April 15, 2021, the CPUC adopted Resolution E-5166, generally, only public utilities submit Advice Letters to the Commission. (See General Order 96-B, General Rule 1.1). However, because the advice letter process is well-established at the CPUC, submission of a Business Letter that follows the same process as an Advice Letter will facilitate efficient review of the CEC’s program guidelines in a just and speedy manner while distinguishing between requirements for public utilities as opposed to state agencies serving as third party administrators. (See General Order (GO) 96(b), General Rule 1.3). 

      If you are submitting a new BL, please follow the same instructions for submitting a new advice letter above but instead of using the AL Summary Form, please fill out this BL Summary Form and submit with your BL. For questions regarding the BL submittal process, please email us at