In response to Governor Edmund G. Brown's January 2016 state of emergency proclamation regarding the Aliso Canyon gas leak, Senate Bill 826 (Leno, 2016) requested that the California Council of Science and Technology (CCST) provide the State with up-to-date information on all currently operating underground natural gas storage fields in California.  The CCST was instructed to provide an independent technical assessment answering three key questions:

  • Key Question 1:  What risks do California's underground gas storage facilities pose to health, safety, environment, and infrastructure?
  • Key Question 2:  Does California need underground gas storage to provide for energy reliability through 2020?
  • Key Question 3:  How will implementation of California's climate policies change the need for underground gas storage in the future?

The California Council of Science and Technology (CCST) has issued the report: "Long-Term Avaibility of Underground Natural Gas Storage in California:  An Independent Review of Scientific and Technical Information."

More Information On the CPUC's Aliso Canyon Work