Current Safety Priorities

ROSB is focusing on several important aspects of railroad safety this year through new and ongoing programs in addition to its routine inspections.

  • Oil by Rail Safety
    Recognizing the increase in oil transport by rail, the CPUC developed a Crude Oil Reconnaissance Team to proactively monitor crude oil projects before they come online by identifying and seeking remediation on all regulated and non-regulated potential, perceived, and existing risks; and by providing independent safety oversight and guidance to the railroads, crude oil facilities, and their respective contractors to mitigate identified risks and non-compliant issues.
  • Railroad Bridge Evaluation Program
    This is the first state-run railroad bridge safety program. Currently paralleling federal practices while coordinating with FRA bridge personnel, the state program is also being designed to use risk assessment methods to assess bridge safety and address any identified safety issues.
  • Positive Train Control (PTC)
    ROSB continues to monitor the railroad's implementation of PTC to ensure timely and proper installation.
  • California High-Speed Rail (HSR)
    The CPUC is one of the entities responsible for safety oversight in the planning, development, construction, and operation of the California High-Speed Rail project. California’s high-speed rail will use new technologies that are unique to high-speed rail and to the California rail safety program.
  • Promoting Public Rail Safety through Operation Lifesaver
    During FY 2022-2023, RSD staff performed 92 Operation Lifesaver presentations, attended 16 community wide events and reached approximately 6,278 people.

 Other ROSB Resources

  • Annual Reports
    ROSB issues an annual report to the California Legislature regarding the status of railroad investigations, incidents, and other important issues concerning railroad safety.
  • Railroad Laws and Regulations
    CPUC has legal regulatory authority over rail safety within California. ROSB is responsible for enforcing both state and federal laws, regulations, Commission General Orders, and directives relating to the transportation of persons and commodities by rail. 
  • Local Safety Hazard Sites
    Download the maps of the state's 18 Local Safety Hazard Sites - railroad lines in California found have statistically significant higher derailment rates than other locations. (PDF - 7MB)
  • Derailments (2018-2022)
    Download the list of derailments in California 2018-2022
  • Contact Us
    Email us to let us know if you see an unsafe situation with trains or tracks. Only for non-emergency railroad safety concerns.