This proceeding revisits net energy metering (NEM), which is available for new customers until April 14, 2023.  Please visit the NEM overview webpage, the R.14-07-002 webpage, and the NEM2 evaluation webpage for information on California's current NEM program and its statutory background. This proceeding was initiated because the Commission committed in Decision (D.) 16-01-044 to later review the NEM successor (or NEM2) tariff, citing interactive, yet unresolved, policy movements within the Commission, but outside the scope of R.14-07-002.

Visit this webpage to view documents in the R.20-08-020 proceeding.

Proceeding Foundations

The major focus of this proceeding will be on the development of a successor to existing NEM2 tariffs pursuant to the requirements of California Assembly Bill 327 (2013, Perea). The proceeding's scope also includes the review and potential modification of all NEM tariff schedules, and issues related to consumer protection.

  • An Order Instituting Rulemaking to revisit the existing NEM tariffs was adopted in August 2020.
  • Scoping Memo listing the issues to be determined in this proceeding was issued in November 2020.
  • A decision (D.2102-007) listing guiding principles for the proceeding was adopted in February 2021.

Proceeding Outcomes

The CPUC adopted D.22-12-056 in December 2022, establishing the Net Billing tariff (NBT) as a successor to NEM2.  The NBT will apply to customers who submit an interconnection application on or after April 15, 2023.  Please see the NBT decision webpage for information about the steps in the proceeding leading to the decision.

There are remaining issues that need to be addressed by the Commission in this proceeding: virtual NEM, NEM aggregation, evaluation criteria, fuel cell resources, and enhanced consumer protection.

Current Proceeding Events

A ruling was issued February 1, 2023 to notice a workshop and invite responses to questions about consumer protections and the planned evaluation of the net billing tariff.

An online workshop was held on February 8, 2023, to obtain information on the current VNEM and NEMA subtariffs and to discuss how to synchronize the subtariffs with related statutes and California climate policies and objectives
(workshop slides | workshop recording).

An upcoming ruling will invite responses to additional questions to complete the record on the remaining open issues in this proceeding. 

How to Participate in this Proceeding

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