December 16, 2021 - 

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today began soliciting applications for nominees to the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee.  There is one vacancy on the Committee for a three-year term that begins on or after July 1, 2022 and ends on June 30, 2025.

The Committee assesses the safety of the operations of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and has authority to review quarterly reports and conduct on-site inspections. The Committee reports its observations and recommendations annually: first to PG&E and then, along with PG&E’s response, to the Governor, the California Attorney General, the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the CPUC.

The Committee consists of three members, one each appointed in turn by the Governor of California, the California Attorney General, and the Chair of the CEC. This year’s application is for nomination as a candidate for appointment by the Attorney General. 

Only persons with knowledge, background, and experience in the field of nuclear power plants and nuclear safety issues are eligible for Committee membership.

The application is available on the CPUC website at under “Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee" or by e-mailing (due to COVID-19 protocols, the CPUC is not accepting applications via U.S. postal service at this time).

Applications should be received at the above e-mail addresses by February 1, 2022.

The CPUC will provide an opportunity for public comment on qualified applications by posting information on the CPUC’s website concerning each qualified applicant. Information about each qualified applicant will be posted shortly after the person’s application is received. The comment period will run for 20 days.

The CPUC regulates services and utilities, safeguards the environment, and assures Californians’ access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure and services. For more information on the CPUC, please visit


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