• Rail Transit Safety and Security

    The CPUC has safety and security regulatory authority over all rail transit and other public transit fixed guideway systems under Public Utilities Code Section 99152 and other statutes. CPUC Staff conducts continuous and ongoing safety oversight of rail and other transit agencies (RTAs) in California, and works in cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the RTAs to enhance public safety and security. The CPUC's State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program was approved and certified by the FTA in accordance with the requirements of Federal public transportation safety law (49 United States Code §5329(e)) and FTA's SSO regulation (49 Code of Federal Regulation Part 674), on October 23, 2018. The CPUC’s Rail Transit Safety Branch (RTSB) implements the Commission’s SSO program, and focuses on verification of compliance with the System Safety Program Plan/Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan, System Security Plan, and Safety Certification Plans of each RTA to ensure that their plans meet all state and federal rules and regulations, and that RTAs are effectively implementing those plans and the RTA's adopted policies and procedures. 

    RTSB’s engineers and analysts conduct continuous review and safety oversight of design and construction of capital projects, operations, emergency response, accident reporting, and incident investigation.  The RTSB inspectors conduct on-site visits to inspect infrastructure and vehicles, monitor operations, evaluate maintenance practices, and other activities to identify noncompliance, safety concerns, and unsafe conditions. 

    The CPUC also prescribes safety and security requirements for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of heavy rail transit, light-rail transit, trolleys, and funicular systems in its General Orders, and assures those are carried out through RTSB activities and Commission Resolutions and Decisions pertaining to rail transit matters. The CPUC ensures that all rail transit system extensions and new construction projects undergo a safety certification review and approval.

    The CPUC Annual Reports includes descriptions of the activities and workplan highlights for all CPUC programs, including RTSB.

  • FTA Certification Letter
    CPUC's SSO program was approved on October 23, 2018

    Calendar Year 2020 Report of State Safety Oversight Activities for Rail Fixed Guideway Public Transportation Systems in California
    Report required by 49 CFR 674.13(a)(7) - Dated March 15, 2021

    Calendar Year 2019 Report of State Safety Oversight Activities for Rail Fixed Guideway Transportation Systems in California
    Report required by 49 CFR 674.13(a)(7) - Dated March 15, 2020

    CPUC State Safety Oversight Agency Program Standard Procedures Manual
    Program Standard dated March 15, 2021

    Safety and Security Reviews
    Reports summarizing comprehensive safety and security reviews of rail transit agencies conducted by CPUC staff

    Rail Transit Incidents Overview
    Number of rail transit incidents, injuries and fatalities

    Rail Transit Citation Program
    Provides information about CPUC's rail transit citation program and CPUC's citation appeal program

    Rail Transit Safety Rules and Regulations
    Rules and regulations about rail transit safety and security

    Websites on Rail Transit
    Websites of rail transit agencies and other government agencies involved in rail transit safety

    Resolutions Granting RTAs Exemptions from GOs
    Links to Commission Resolutions granting Rail Transit Agencies exemptions from Commission General Order requirements

    Rail Transit Safety Branch Contacts

    List of Names, responsibilities, mailing address, phone number, and email address for Rail Transit Safety Branch staff

    OSHA Factsheet on Whistleblowers
    Read the “Whistleblower Protection for Public Transportation Agency Workers” factsheet prepared by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


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  • CPUC regulates the safety of both publicly and privately owned railroad and rail transit companies/agencies, and rail crossings.

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