The Administrative Law Judge Division supports Commission decision-making by processing formal filings, facilitating alternative dispute resolution, conducting hearings, developing an adequate administrative record, preparing timely proposals for Commission consideration, and preparing and coordinating Commission business meeting agendas.

Administrative Law Judge: Approximately 42 judges, with regulatory training and experience in law, engineering, business (including finance and accounting), economics, public policy, public administration, urban planning, and energy resources. The Administrative Law Judges preside over cases to develop the evidentiary record and draft proposed decisions for Commission action.

ALJ STAR unit: The STAR unit provides clerical support to the judges during the proceedings and assists with publication of Commission decisions.

Docket: This office receives and processes all formal filings before the Commission, maintains the official record of hearings and documents within a proceeding, and prepares the Commission's daily calendar. For questions about documents filed in a case, call (415) 703-2121 or send e-mail to

Process: This office prepares the agendas for the Commission's deliberative and business meetings and maintains service lists for formal proceedings. For questions about service lists, call (415) 703-2021.

Central Files: This office maintains the formal record of a proceeding and provides printed copies of documents to the public for a fee. To obtain copies of printed documents, please use our on-line form or email Central Files at  For further information, call (415) 703-1661.

Reporting: This office records and transcribes the hearings held in formal proceedings. To obtain copies of transcripts, call (415) 703-2288 or send e-mail to

Alternative Dispute Resolution:  Learn about the success of the Commission's ADR program.