The Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB) of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is responsible for assisting consumers in answering questions and resolving disputes with their utility providers. 

CAB provides assistance to the consumer in a number of ways:

  • By facilitating communications between consumers and their utilities, using subject matter experts within the utility
  • By referring consumers to other agencies that may be able to assist them
  • By direct interaction between CAB staff and utility, following specific protocols to resolve complaints, also known as Informal Complaints (IC)

Informal contacts are consumers’ communications received by CAB via phone calls, letters and electronic submissions (email/web form).  Informal Contacts can consist of complaints, questions, or feedback from consumers regarding the policies and practices of specific utilities or the CPUC.

CAB processes informal contacts according to the issue(s) involved, and the regulatory authority of the CPUC.

CAB keeps records of the informal contacts it receives, and this information is being made available to the public on this website for information purposes.

The data presented here is a compilation of informal contacts for the communications, energy and water industries, divided into discrete categories.  In addition to looking at the information in these tables, consumers also should do their own research before making decisions to purchase specific products and services.

CAB welcomes your suggestions for the improvement of our Contacts Data Web pages.  Please take a moment to leave a comment and fill our short Data Feedback Survey.  


  1. The CPUC is providing the consumer complaint and inquiry statistics  contained in the tables to inform consumers.  The CPUC does not endorse or recommend one utility company over another.
  2. Consumers are advised to first contact their utility company regarding any problems with or questions about their services or bills before contacting CAB for assistance.
  3. Complaints to CAB are not always resolved in favor of the consumer. 


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 Archives 2012201320142015201620172018

Consumer Complaints and Inquiries Statistics