This is a collection of CPUC reports to the Legislature, organized by industry, for 2020.


Dec. 2020: DIVCA Video, Broadband and Video Employment Report for the year ending Dec. 31, 2019

Apr. 2020: Deaf And Disabled Telecommunications Program Annual Report 2018-2019

Jan. 2020: Annual Report of Telephone Corporations Customer, Employment and Investment Information (PU Code 914) 


Nov. 2020: 2020 RPS Annual Report to the Legislature

Jun. 2020: California Solar Initiative Annual Program Assessment

May 2020: Actions to Limit Utility Costs and Rates - Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature (SB 695)

May 2020: Report on Residential and Household Utility Service Disconnections 2015-2019 Results (P.U. Code 910.5)

May 2020: RPS 2020 Padilla Report to the Legislature on Costs and Savings for the RPS in 2019 (PU Code 913.3) 

Apr. 2020: California Electric and Gas Utility Cost Annual Report to the Governor and Legislature (AB 67; PU Code 913)

Feb. 2020: California Solar Initiative Thermal Cost-Effectiveness Report Prepared by Itron

Feb. 2020: DER Grid Impacts Analysis (PU Code 913.6)

Feb. 2020: California Smart Grid Annual Report 2019  

Jan. 2020: Combined IOU Reports on AB 2068

Jan. 2020: AB 2068 Report to the Legislature on Investor Owned Utility Schools Rate Discounts

Jan. 2020: California Energy Systems for the 21st Century (CES-21) Program Report by the Joint IOUs and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (report revised August 27, 2020)


Nov. 2020: Annual Railroad Safety Activity Report for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Sept. 2020: Annual Report to the Legislature on 2018 Utilities Procurement of Goods, Services, and Fuel from Women-, Minority-, Disabled Veteran-, and LGBT-owned Business Enterprises (GO 156)

Feb. 2020: Annual Report on Resolution of Proceedings 

Feb. 2020: 2019 Annual Report to the Legislature on Trusts and Entities Created by the CPUC (AB-1338)

Jan. 2020: 2019 Annual Report

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