Danjel Bout, Director

The Safety Policy Division (SPD) is currently led by Director Danjel Bout.

The Safety Policy Division provides advisory support to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on policy and regulation to advance delivery of safe, reliable services by utilities subject to the CPUC’s jurisdiction and oversight.

Immediate and Long-Term Activity

SPD’s efforts include partnering with other State entities and Commission divisions to analyze, develop, recommend, and implement safety policy to advance the State’s goals of reliable and safe energy service at the lowest practical cost.

SPD is presently addressing urgent safety policy matters that face California, which include:



Long-term plans include developing and recommending safety policy within several ongoing CPUC proceedings:

Providing Advisory Support on Policy and Regulation

To promote and monitor emergency response standards and activities by regulated entities that development of resilient systems to respond to natural and man-made disasters.

To promote preparedness activities and regulated entities integrate risk into actions that assure a mature and effective physical and cyber security programs are maintained.

To promote safety by ensuring that the regulated entities integrate risk analysis and risk management practices into their current operations, future planning, and decision-making processes.

To conceptualize, develop, and implement a transparent safety knowledgebase, rules, standards, and metrics that help assure that a mature and effective safety culture is promoted and maintained within the utilities that the Commission regulates.

To promote wildfire safety in regulated electric and gas utilities through measured safety performance metrics and coordination among state agencies on wildfire mitigation planning.