Energy Utility General Rates Cases

RASA provides technical- and subject matter expertise to ensure that proposed utility budget plans, as outlined within their GRC applications, adhere to Commission requirements for incorporating a risk-based decision-making framework into their proposed programs, capital expenditures, and operating expenses.  

  • PG&E 2017 General Rate Case (A.15-09-001) The May decision (D. 17-05-013) to mostly adopt the GRC settlement indicated the strength of the new RAMP process for identifying safety risks, as most of PG&E's proposed mitigations were accepted.  In 2018, RASA and Energy Division will focus on PG&E's compliance with safety spending accountability reporting and safety metrics reporting. Click here for the March 7, 2016, RASA staff evaluation report.
  • SCE 2018 General Rate Case (A.16-09-001) When a Proposed decision is ready for review, RASA will review aspects related to program spending for those operations associated with electric safety, and will recommend accountability reporting provisions. Click here for the Jan. 31, 2017, RASA staff evaluation report.


SDG&E/SoCal Gas 2016 RAMP (I.16-10-015/016) and SDG&E/SoCal Gas 2017 GRC (A.17-10-07/008)

This first-of-its-kind proceeding established the utilities' proposed safety risk and mitigation portfolio for the 2019 GRC filed in October 2017.  RASA has reviewed the GRC application to see how the utilities have integrated the RAMP evaluation and comments and has also prepared a report to review the safety/reliability incidents per SB 900:

Final RASA SB 900 report on Sempra 2019 GRC