Pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) Decision 18-12-019, the California LifeLine Program (Program) is partnering with government agencies, private corporations, and non-profit organizations to develop innovative strategies for the California LifeLine Program. In Decision 18-12-019, the Commission also asked stakeholders to submit proposals for pilot programs that would achieve at least two of these possible objectives: 1) to lower barriers for consumers to participate in the Program; 2) to increase participation in the Program; 3) to encourage participation by facilities-based service providers; and 4) to provide scalable solutions. Additionally, all pilot proposals must: a) develop new partnerships or introduce new technologies and b) emphasize innovative changes to the California LifeLine Program. In April 2019, in Decision 19-04-021, the Commission approved two pilots: 1) the Boost Mobile Pilot and 2) the iFoster Pilot. The Commission is also considering pending and new proposed pilots in the California LifeLine Program proceeding, which is Order Instituting Rulemaking 11-03-013.           

Boost Mobile Pilot

The California LifeLine Program has partnered with Boost Mobile (Boost), a facilities-based pre-paid cell phone provider owned by Sprint Corporation. This partnership is for a limited duration pilot program to give eligible consumers a monthly $15 discount. This monthly $15 discount will lower the cost of phone bills. The eligible consumer will receive a promo code to use towards Boost Mobile’s pre-paid cell phone plans. Consumers should go to for more information about this pilot.

Government Partnerships