• California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)


    The CTF Distance Learning Discount has been extended to December 31, 2020 . Please see COVID-19 Distance Learning Discounts for more information.

    The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) was established by Decision (D.) 96-10-066 and is governed by Public Utilities Code Sections 280 and 884. In D.96-10-066, the CPUC reaffirmed its commitment to universal service, and in accordance with state and federal directives, created the CTF program to provide discounted rates to qualifying K-12 schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals and health clinics, community-based organizations (CBOs), and healthcare CBOs. Qualified entities receive a 50% discount on eligible advanced telecommunications services through telecommunications carriers participating in the program. The CTF program is funded through a surcharge on all customers that purchase intrastate telecommunications services and has an adopted budget of $128 million for Fiscal Year 2018-2019.

    California Teleconnect Fund Fact Sheet 

    Participant Recertification

    The CPUC requires all existing CTF participants to submit a new application to recertify their eligibility every three to five years to continue receiving the CTF discounts. Recertification applies only to existing participants with approved CTF applications. Click here for more information on the program's recertification requirements and process.

    Information for Applicants and Participants

    K-12 schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals and health clinics, CBOs, healthcare CBOs, and 2-1-1 providers, can apply for the CTF discount by submitting an application. 

    Approved applicants should present their CTF Approval Letter to a participating service provider to obtain the discount. 

    Please refer to the CTF Applicant & Participant Guidebook for additional information, including participant eligibility criteria, eligible communication services, and application forms and instructions.

    See below for resources for applicants and participants:

    ·         CTF Applicant & Participant Guidebook (with application form)

    ·         List of Participating CTF Service Providers

    Information for Carriers

    Carriers and service providers can reference the CTF Service Provider Manual for important information on the CTF program. The manual lists the requirements for service providers, including the categories of services that are eligible to receive the CTF discount, instructions on how to apply the CTF discount to customers' bills, and the process for requesting reimbursement from the CPUC.

    Recent program rule changes include:  

    1. Resolution T-17666 modifies the due date and time limit for carriers to submit claims for reimbursement. Carriers have 60 days from the end of the month to submit claims for March 2020 and thereafter. Please be advised that because claims must be filed in chronological order, carriers must submit all claims for months prior to March 2020 before submitting their claim for March 2020.


    2. Administrative Letter No.29: A new CTF Claim Workbook will replace the Claim Form and Reports from Administrative Letter No.17. beginning with claims for reimbursement for the July 2020 claim period. Please refer to the CTF Service Provider Manual for the template and instructions.


     See below for resources for carriers and service providers:

    ·         CTF Service Provider Manual

    ·         CTF Service Provider Registration Form (Data Request No.001)

    ·         CTF Claim Workbook

    ·         CPUC Communications Utility Contact Update Form

    ·         Department of Finance Payee Data Record Form

    ·         Statewide Average E-rate

    ·         Entity Eligibility Status

    ·         COVID-19 Distance Learning Approved School Districts

    Contact Us

    For general program inquiries, please direct them to CTFHelp@cpuc.ca.gov or contact one of the following program representatives by phone:

    ·         Adam Clark (415) 703-5212

    ·         Amy Lau (415) 696-7310

    For Application Renewal Process inquiries, please direct them to CTFrecert@cpuc.ca.gov or contact one of the following program representatives by phone:

    ·         Chasel Lee (415) 703-2844

    ·         Joanne Leung (415) 703-1149

    For carriers / service providers, please direct your inquiries to CTFClaims@cpuc.ca.gov or contact one of the following program representatives by phone:

    ·         Andrew Aliabadi (415) 703-5184

    ·         Wylen Lai (415) 703-2616


    See below for additional CTF-related resources:

    ·         Decision and Resolutions

    ·         Administrative Letters

    ·         Annual CTF Budget Information

    ·         Administrative Committee

    ·         Map of Active CTF Participants

    ·         Reports and Presentations


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