The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) program provides a 50% discount on advanced communication services (including Internet access and broadband services) to qualifying schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals/health clinics, and community-based organizations.

The CTF program was established by Decision (D.) 96-10-066 and is governed by Public Utilities Code Sections 280 and 884. In D.96-10-066, the CPUC reaffirmed its commitment to universal service and in accordance with state and federal directives created the CTF program. The CTF program is funded through a surcharge on all customers that purchase intrastate telecommunications services and has an adopted budget of $108.296 million for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. See the California Teleconnect Fund Fact Sheet for more information.

Information for Applicants and Participants

Please refer to the CTF Applicant & Participant Guidebook for information on the CTF program, including an overview of the program, participant eligibility criteria, application instructions, the list of eligible communication services, and other important information.

The CTF program periodically requires participants to submit a new application to recertify eligibility. The CTF program will send participants notice when recertification is due. To ensure receipt of this notice and other important information, participants should update their contact information as necessary by updating their eCAP profile or emailing the program at Click here for more information on the program's recertification requirements and process.

Additional resources and information:

Information for Service Providers

Please reference the CTF Service Provider Manual for important information on the CTF program, including requirements for service providers, the categories of services that are eligible to receive the CTF discount, instructions on how to apply the CTF discount to customers' bills, and the process for requesting reimbursement from the CPUC.

Beginning Monday, January 30, 2023, service providers must file their claims for reimbursement via the eCAP website. The submission of claims in eCAP will permanently replace the previous submission method where service providers submit claims by email. In addition to filing and tracking claims, service providers can use eCAP to maintain their program enrollment and update their Primary Regulatory or Complaint Contact information. Service providers that wish to participate in the CTF program must enroll in the program via eCAP.

The CPUC will send service providers an email invitation to access their eCAP account. Service providers that did not receive an email invitation or are otherwise unable to access their eCAP account should contact CTFClaims@cpuc.cagov. Service providers should not create a new eCAP account; all service provider eCAP accounts are created by the CPUC.

 See below for resources for carriers and service providers:


Program Contact

For all inquiries, please allow 48 hours for a response.
For general application inquiries before submitting an application, please direct them to

If you have submitted an application and are inquiring about its status, please direct them to or call Ligia Serpas at (415) 703-4332.

For participant recertification inquiries, please direct them to

Carriers and service providers can direct inquiries to