Date 11/03/2021
Time 10:00 AM
Location Virtual only


Join the CPUC for a webinar to learn about and provide feedback on the latest revision of the CPUC’s Environmental and Social Justice Action Plan.

Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people in development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental policies that impact their lives and surroundings. The Environmental and Social Justice (ESJ) Action Plan identifies ways the CPUC can use its regulatory authority to address health and safety, consumer protection, and enforcement concerns across the energy, telecommunications, and water utilities, as well as the railroads and transportation companies CPUC regulates.

The ESJ Action Plan also highlights how the CPUC can engage directly with communities, build supportive relationships, and gather more information about the concerns Californians face and the ways they are best able to communicate those concerns to the CPUC.

This online forum will discuss the latest proposed revisions to this living document and give stakeholders an opportunity to provide input and influence the course of the draft revision. A draft will be posted on the Environmental and Social Justice Action Plan prior to the webinar.


More information on the ESJ webpage