Rules and procedures pertaining to Distributed Generation, including the California Solar Initiative and the Self-Generation Incentive Program, are developed within Rulemaking (R.)12-11-005.   

CPUC rulemakings (or proceedings) allow interested parties to participate in the decision making process.  Parties can contact the Public Advisors office to learn how to participate informally, through a CPUC workshop, and formally, by becoming an official party to the proceeding. Only parties can file comments in the proceeding, participate in hearings, and respond to rulings or proposed decisions.  The CPUC has a website dedicated to CPUC Practitioners that want to practice formally at the regulatory commission.  

To be added to the Service List

  • Any person may be on the service (mailing) list for the proceeding, and that person will receive emails with all documents sent by the Commisison, by parties participating in the proceeding, as well as notices of workshops or other events.
  • Interested persons or organizations who wish to join the service list for R.10-05-004 should fill out a Standard Service List Request Form.
  • Interested persons may also email to be add or change contact information for the Service List.
  • The Public Advisor's Office provides procedural information and advice to individuals and groups who want to participate in formal PUC proceedings. The Public Advisor's Office Staff can help answer your questions, help you locate information, or refer you to an appropriate staff person.

To find a copy of the current Service List and all online documents related to the California Solar Initiative and Distributed Generation rulemaking

To be removed from the Service List

  • Send an email with a  request to be removed from to  
  • Alternatively, letters may be sent by regular mail to:  Process Office,
    CPUC, 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102

To send a document to a service list

  1. Follow the instructions above to find a copy of the current service list.
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C) Column D of the spreadsheet and paste all the addresses from the column into the “To” line of your email.  Some email programs require the list to be broken into no more than 30 email addresses per message.
  3. Identify the Service List in the Subject of your emails as a courtesy.  For example: "R.10-05-004:  Company ABC Comments on Staff Proposal". 
  4. When sending a message to the service list, please be sure to use the current version of the service list which changes daily.